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  • Made in china 700 Watt 10 Cup rice cooker?.? Removable nonstick graduated cooking pot?.? Steam rack included?.? Tempered glass lid for better monitor of food?.? Cooking "On" indicator light?.? "Keep Warm" function?.? Cool touch handles for safe usage?.? Spatula and measuring cup included.

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  • 700 Watt 1.8 liter 10 Cup rice cooker‎ Steam rack included‎.‎             “Keep Warm” function‎.‎ Cool touch handles for safe usage‎.‎ Steams vegetables and/or meat, even while simultaneously cooking rice Unique double fuse design to prevent damage from over heating Non-stick inner pot , stainless steel lid 1 year warranty Made in China

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  • 240 W Capacity 6 Liter Dishwasher Safe Tempered Glass Lid and Stoneware Cooking Pot High/Low Cook Settings Convenient Warm Setting Tempered glass lid for better monitor of food‎ Removable Oval Stoneware Cooking Pot Doubles As A Serving Dish Stainless Steel Exterior with Plastic Handles Made in china

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